Embracing change,Huzhou Year-end Conference for 2021

Release time:2021/03/03


We have experienced an unusual year in 2020. The sudden new crown epidemic has swept the world, and the whole country has worked together to overcome the difficulties.


In the first month of 2021, when we leave the old and welcome the new year, Shanghai Lingjian Technology Co., Ltd. officially kicked off the tour of the 2020 Weiya Huzhou Annual Meeting after more than a month of careful preparation in order to thank all our friends for their hard work and hard work over the past year.

All the little friends are ready to go to Huzhou, a scenic spot in the south of the Yangtze River, in the laughter and laughter. We gather together, singing and dancing, saying goodbye to the hard work of the year, looking forward to the new year's grand plan, and singing our New Year's praise together.

On the afternoon of January 22nd, the large army arrived at Huzhou, an ancient city on the south of the Yangtze River in the beautiful Taihu Lake. The friends who had just put down their luggage instantly forgot the exhaustion of the journey and rushed to the main venue of the banquet tonight, with a furnished venue, carrying party gifts or rehearsal evening programs, just to bring everyone a joyous feast.

At six o'clock, all guests were seated, and the annual dinner of Shanghai Lingjian Technology Co., Ltd. officially began in the beautiful music.

After a compliment, the first person to come on stage was the leader we admired from the heart, Mr. Wang Mu, the BOSS of Shanghai Lingjian Technology Co., Ltd.

A poem from Hungarian patriotic revolutionary poet Petofi Sandor, "I Will Be the Rapids", in the poem "My Love" symbolizes the author's ideals and goals of action. As we all know, ideals are never within reach, and pursuits are probably within easy reach. They need us to have the tenacity of "holding on the green mountains and not relaxing" and the tenacity of "the roots are in the broken rock", Douxue Aoshuang, perseverance, desperate, and go all out. The scream of "I'm willing to be-" let us see the spirit and sentiment of President Wang, who is not young but still wants to work hard for his ideals.

A large chorus "The Sea of Stars", takes us to look up at the galaxy, ride the wind and waves, to the poetry and the distance.

The merchants in Shanghai are prosperous and busy, with the youth and dreams of a generation, struggle and moving. Thank you for selling one. The musical "Night Shanghai" brought to us allowed us to enter the era when the Chinese and the West were gathered together and the singing and dancing were on the rise.

Popular girl group, thanks to the office girl group for bringing the hot dance "LUV", the girls' dance instantly ignited the atmosphere of the audience!

There will be times when riding the wind and breaking the waves, and hang the sails straight to the sea. Young people should have the attitude of young people. The dance "Priceless Sisters" brought by the marketing department tells us that 30-year-old sisters should have a passion in addition to family, children, and career. They smile at the years and are passionate.


Here is the official end of the 2020 Leading Inspection Technology Annual Meeting Dinner Program. Here is a "family portrait". Next, everyone knows, wine and food time

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