Our fantastic trip to Hengdian

Release time:2020/08/10


It is said that film is a dream factory, and Hengdian is an important dream-creating base. It makes countless people yearn for. They want to see the scenes and buildings that appear in those movies and TV series. They want to witness the dreams of those young people who are passionate about performances and put efforts silently day after day.


On August 13th, under the organization of the company, we embarked on a trip to Hengdian, which is known as the "Hollywood" in the East, with our expectations and excitement.


When we arrived on afternoon, we put down our luggage and couldn't wait to visit the "Opium War" filming location, Guangzhou Street & Hong Kong Street. The realistic architecture reproduced the old appearance of Yangcheng and the charm of Xiangjiang River around year 1840. Finally, we watched the large-scale film and television stunt water war performance and the big talk show.


Hengdian Pedestrian Street

Ended the first day of entertainment, we found a place for all to sing songs, and enjoyed the wine. Everything was so comfortable and cheerful~


If you don’t drink on weekends, your life is in vain
If you don’t sing on weekends,  lonelyness will go with you

On the morning of August 14th, we visited the Jiangnan Forbidden City, Ming and Qing Palaces. The original appearance of the Forbidden City is reproduced there. You can experience the magnificent and majestic Jiangnan Imperial City, learn about the vast Ming and Qing court culture, and our colleagues have experienced cosplay in the Forbidden City Reverse string. We also watched the large-scale performance of royal horse war "Eight Flags Horse War".



Among three thousand beauties, I dote on you only


Aerial Photography of Ancestral House


Handsome man and pretty girl

At night, we visited the large-scale nighttime film and television tourism theme park, Dream Valley, which has the largest ferris wheel, big horn, happy leapfrog, earth-shaking, rock and roll row, pirate wave boat, auspicious carousel, Yama Express and other amusement projects in central Zhejiang. These entertainment activities rendered us switch between romantic and frightening at any time. We handsome gentlemen and beautiful ladies sway to the DJ's music in the water heartily to release. In addition, we also experienced the first domestic disaster live interpretation of "Torrent Rain and Mountain Torrent". The scene was shocking and we really felt the powerlessness of human beings in front of nature.


Young people are so energetic

On August 15th, we went to Qingming River Tour to travel and visit. The scenic area is based on the famous Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan's masterpiece "Qingming Shanghe Map", combined with the social background, folk customs, folk customs of the Northern Song Dynasty and the ancient architecture characteristics of the Song Dynasty, and built according to the needs of film and television shooting. It reproduces the prosperous scene of Tokyo’s Bian River water transport in the Northern Song Dynasty thousands of years ago, as well as city life and folk customs. It is not only the reproduction of the scroll, but also the epitome of Kyoto in the Northern Song Dynasty. This park is used to shoot film and television dramas including "Flying Knife of Li", "The Journey of Flowers", "The Legend of Sword and Fairy", "Young General Family Yang" and so on.

Finally, at noon on August 15th, we ended our three-day and two-night trip to Hengdian, and returned to Shanghai with our small luggage.


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