AESKUSLIDES® immunoassay reagents

Registration number

National Machinery Injection 20192401859

National Machinery Injection 20192401906

National Machinery Injection 20152400572

    The AESKUSLIDES products consist of a series of tissue and cell-based slides that can detect major autoantibodies including ANA HEp-2, nDNA, ANCA and LKS (Liver Kidney Stomach). The use of AESKUSLIDES can simplify the autoimmune sample screening procedure, and the HELIOS system can fully meet with the automation requirements of immunofluorescence (IFA) experiments.

  • The AESKUSLIDES product line includes slides and kits for detecting intact cells and tissues of major autoantibodies.

  • All parameters of this product series have been programmed and verified on the HELIOS system in advance.

  • The main karyotypes found on AESKUSLIDES have been concluded in the HELIOS system equipment software library.

  • Ready-to-use reagents and quality control bottles can be directly placed on the HELIOS reagent rack, which is convenient for experimental operations.

  • Each slide is affixed with a product barcode and its own serial number, which is completely traceable.

  • The specially formulated mounting fluid can be used directly in the HELIOSIFA system.

  • The strong hydrophobic teflon membrane coating of the slide can avoid cross-contamination, and only a very small amount of secondary antibody conjugate is required.

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