Automatic Western Blotting Apparatus eZ8

Registration number

SXZZ 20202220553

  • After the sample is loaded, fully automatic unattended operation;

  • External computer, unlimited programming. One computer can control multiple instruments at the same time, and implement different program projects at the same time;

  • High-throughput, it can process 36 sample membrane strips at a time, realizing high-throughput standardized operation of western blotting experiment;

  • Automatic cleaning function: It can run an automatic cleaning program to clean each channel as needed, and it is convenient to replace pipelines and routine maintenance;

  • Automatic drying of the reaction film strip to ensure the accuracy of the interpretation result;

  • Highly optimized pipeline design, the dead space is minimized, and the reagent remaining in the pipeline automatically flows back to the reagent bottle, saving reagents and avoiding pollution;

  • Peristaltic pump quantitative correction function: high-precision liquid dispensing system ensures that the experimental results have good accuracy and repeatability;

  • Fully enclosed fluid path system provides better biological safety protection for operators.

  • Clinical application:

    It is mainly used for automated operation of western blotting detection kits, which can meet different requirements of various western blotting kits for experimental conditions such as incubation time and liquid dispensing volume.

  • Autoimmune diseases:

    Autoimmune diseases: ENA, ANA, autoimmune liver disease, diabetes autoantibodies;

  • Viral infection:

    Viral infection: HIV, HCV, HEV, human T lymphocyte virus, etc.;

  • Bacteria and parasite infections:

    Bacteria and parasite infections: Helicobacter pylori (HP), Treponema pallidum, Toxoplasma gondii, etc.;

  • Allergic diseases:

    Allergic diseases: allergen testing.

A large number of clinical experimental data show that the automatic operation of the eZ8 automatic western blotting instrument can ensure consistent intra-assay results of membrane strip experiments, clear banding, clean background, and good repeatability, which is suitable for the operation of large clinical samples.

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