Diagnostic and analytical performance of a screening panel for allergy


作者:Ileana Herzum  Nicole Blu¨mer  Werner Kersten  Harald Renz


Worldwide, allergic diseases are increasing in preva- lence and incidence. Early assessment of the immu- noglobulin E (IgE) sensitisation status has a major impact on clinical outcome and selection of therapeu- tic options. Recently, a number of new IgE-detecting test systems have entered the market, including screening tests allowing identification of a wide spec- trum of sensitising allergens. We evaluated the ana- lytical and diagnostic performance of the newly developed Allergy Screen test panel for atopy (Medi- wiss Analytic, Moers, Germany). The evaluation was performed for four major respiratory and four major nutritional allergens in 142 patients with clinical sus- picion of respiratory and/or food allergies. For all allergens, the test showed acceptable concordance to the skin-prick test and the in vitro IgE CAP system (Pharmacia, Freiburg, Germany). The analytical per- formance was acceptable, with CVs between 2 and 8% in the positive range and good dilution linearity (Rs0.9735). Imprecision in the low IgE concentration range dramatically improved by lowering the cut-off value to 0.2 IU/mL IgE. In conclusion, the Allergy Screen panel yields reliable results in the detection of allergic sensitisation to common allergens.

Keywords: allergy; CAP classes; screening; specific IgE.

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